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Goodbye, Jake

  `Goodbye, Jake is a story that can help children cope with the loss of a pet.  It is written in a way that, while sad, is very g entle in relaying its message.  Jake is an elderly Greyhound that lives with Cole’s grandparents.  Cole enjoys playing with Jake on his weekly visits to Grammy and Pop’s ranch, but then Grammy tells him that Jake is very sick.
    Cole asks if Jake is going to die.  Grammy tells him yes, the veterinarian will come that night to release Jake from his pain.  Cole is upset that his friend is going to die and that he will not see him again.  When Cole’s father comes to get him. Grammy helps Cole say goodbye to Jake.
    When Cole comes to visit the following week, he is saddened to see Jake’s empty bed, a painful reminder that his friend is gone.  Grammy takes him for a walk to the Memory Garden where all of her dogs who have passed away are buried.
    Each of the graves is covered with stones.  Cole asks why there are only a few stones on Jake’s grave.  Grammy explains that each stone represents a memory of that dog.  She invites Cole to find a stone and share a memory of Jake as he places it on the fresh grave.  Cole smiles as he shares with Grammy his memories of Jake, and he places stones on Jake’s grave.
    The book focuses on Cole’s feelings, his reaction to Jake’s passing, and how the adults in his life help him cope with the pain.  The illustrations by Whitney Martin are subdued but beautiful and help soothe the reader.
 - Tiffany Pany, Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine

  `This children's book is an excellent one for children who have just lost a dog or are about to.  Written at a third grade level, it's about a boy dealing with death for the first time.  The dog in question is his grandmother's red and black greyhound named Jake.  I had a good cathartic cry while reading it.  The part describing how the boy says good bye to Jake, knowing that the veterinarian will be there in the evening to put Jake down, is particularly well done and will tug at your heart strings.  The illustrations are absolutely perfect.  A  tough topic to deal with, Schildkraut has nonetheless done an outstanding job.  -  Phyllis DeGioia, Editor - Dog Writers Association of America

    `Schildkraut approaches the issue of a pet’s death with sensitivity and warmth. She gets the child involved with the animal, honors the boy’s feelings and fears, and then shows him a way to turn his sadness into something positive. The idea of using ritual to help heal after a pet’s death is beautifully handled and provides parents with a coping mechanism they can use when they talk with their children about this difficult subject. The soft, watercolor illustrations by Whitney Martin set the perfect tone for the story and add texture to the words. Written for young children, it is a book that will touch adults as well. Goodbye, Jake is an outstanding addition to children’s books on death and how to discuss it. I highly recommend it to parents, libraries and anyone facing the trauma of a pet’s death.   - Nancy Marano, PETroglyphs

   `Bam Schildkraut has written a wonderful book on dealing with Children and the loss of a beloved Pet. "Goodbye, Jake" is beautifully illustrated, and set in the ranchlands of New Mexico. I found tears rolling down my cheeks as I read it, and can't wait to share it with my little girls this weekend. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves pets and children.  -  Steve Stucker, KOB-TV 4